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Few professionals have the licensing and qualification to support entrepreneurs as
they seek to buy or sell their businesses. The Russell Group has decades of business
brokerage experience. We are committed to providing the highest standards for
Why use a Business Broker?

As you are an expert on your business, it
makes sense to associate with a
professional who is an expert in finding the
right buyer for your business.  One who can

  • devote the time and attention to find
    and listen to a potential buyer,
  • qualify them financially
  • facilitate the transaction
  • negotiate with the highest degree of

The sales process is not easy.  You deserve
the knowledge and experience of a
specialist. The Russell Group stands ready
to assist you in your business brokerage
Making Businesses Profitable

Another popular option are savvy Business
Managers who throw in their employee towel
to buy business with great potential and poor
returns. If you know what your doing this type
of investment can be very rewarding.

  • Buy low
  • Provide solution for previous owners
    who need to get out
  • Make the necessary changes to lower
    overhead, increase efficiency & profits
  • Sell for profit
Ready-made Business

Costs of a start-up are
increasingly expensive. The
benefits of purchasing the right  
business for you include:

  • built-in clients
  • equipment in place
  • established reputation
  • immediate income
Exit Planning

Those seeking to sell their
businesses need to plan well in
advance. Before beginning the
process of putting your business
on the market, you can prepare by
doing the following...

  • ensure accurate and
    current business financial
  • get caught if you are
  • consider the financial,
    legal, marketing costs and
    time factors associated
    with this decision.