The Russell Group
A Full Service Real Estate Company
Creating New
Standards of
Service & Integrity
The concept of professional, dependable, service oriented representation in a Real
Estate transaction is certainly not a new one. Unfortunately, the practice of this concept
has become overshadowed by technology in this fast moving world. The Russell
Group's first priority is to use technology as a tool while maintaining our focus on our
clients and their needs. We know the question you want answered is:
What can you
do for me?
Our experts will help you define your goals. Then, do what is necessary to
support you in reaching those goals. We are committed to the use of our resources of
educated and experienced professionals, energy, technology, and time to support you
with unequalled, honest, professional service. At The Russell Group, we are Creating
New Standards of Service & Integrity.
What we offer...

The Russell Group is a full service Real
Estate Company!  Our offices in Nevada &
California have experts available to support
you, as well as, a vast network of
professionals internationally.

Whether your needs include:

  • Residential Sales & Leasing
  • Commercial Sales & Leasing
  • Business - Buying or Selling
  • Property Management
  • Expanding Investment Portfolio
Las Vegas Corporate Office:
7560 W Sahara Ave, Ste. 101
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 228-0686 phone
(702) 228-0690 fax

California Corporate Office:
PO Box 60486
Bakersfield, CA 93386
(661) 633-3699 phone
(661) 215-5203  fax
We are here to serve you!
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